Toyowest Automotive


1)    Question: Do you offer any extended warranties?



      Answer: Yes, please give us a call for details we work with a national broker to find you the best policy to fit your specific needs


2) Question: I’m buying a used vehicle. Should I get an extended warranty?

     Answer: Yes! Absolutely with the rising costs of repairs on today’s high tech vehicles, I wouldn’t give this a second thought. In fact, in many cases you’ll find that one repair alone may pay for the policy.


   3) Question:  How do I know what the best extended warranty for my vehicle is?

    Answer:  This is a very good question, not all warranties are created equal there are specific questions to ask when selecting an extended warranty. Just call us or email us about our warranty questionnaire it is designed to maximize your coverage at the best price.


4) Question: What types of service do you provide?

    Answer: We perform all levels of repairs and maintenance, whether your vehicle requires a simple routine maintenance item or a complicated diagnostic procedure. Our highly experienced staff of experts can take care of just about every facet of automotive care and maintenance. Simply put we provide better methods by using the latest in technology to give you the highest quality and overall lowest operating costs possible, by being proactive “preventing repairs” as opposed to being reactive and just repairing as breakdowns occur.


 5) Question: What kind of warranty do you offer with your service?

    Answer: We offer a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty on parts & labor unless specified otherwise.


6) Question: How long have you been in business?      

Answer: Toyowest was first started in 1991 under the name Made n Japan Automotive which was then changed to Toyota West Automotive in 1993 then in 1994 changed again to what it is today.


7) Question: Do you work on other vehicles besides Toyota & Lexus?

Answer: Yes, by overwhelming popular demand you asked we listened we now service all other fine Asian automobiles. Most Asian car companies have built a tradition of designing and building some of the best engineered cars on the road today as a result of their passion for excellence. Here at Toyowest  we understand this and our passion for the industry is displayed by our dedication for carrying on this tradition by servicing and repairing your vehicle with the same high standards designed by the manufacturer. 


8) Question:  Why should I perform routine maintenance?

Answer: Proper routine maintenance helps keep your vehicle safe, fun and reliable, helps to extend the life of your vehicle as well as ensuring confident trouble free operation all at the lowest operating cost possible. Additionlly proper routine maintenance increases resale value as well as  pride of ownership. Most importantly routine maintenance helps identify potential problem area's early on hedging off potential expensive unnecessary repairs. Some models have specific requirements ask us about them when you come in. We perform all routine maintenance necessary to keep your vehicle operating like it was intended by the manufacturer.


9) Question: I’ve been getting my oil changed done routinely at a local quick lube facility. I recently brought my vehicle into a well-known specialty repair center. After they evaluated my vehicle to my surprise they discovered a number of concerns that needed to be addressed. How come the quick service place never told me about all these repairs and maintenance my vehicle needs?    

Answer: This is a question that comes up quite often in our industry. There may be several answers to this question, but it seems to always come down to one thing. Experience! An experienced technician will find more trouble areas with a vehicle than an inexperienced technician. The fact is an experienced competent technician is just that experienced. They have seen and repaired more failures. Therefore, they know were failures start. Repetition is the mother of skill, and skill cannot be developed without experience. An experienced competent technician can save you time money and stress by preventing breakdowns by identifying trouble areas early on.


10) Question: What can I expect if I do business with you?

Answer: Exactly what you demand and expect. Honest professional accurate service all at a fair price, these are things that you demand and expect. Consumers rate most businesses on these fundamental essentials, and while these things are important they are incidental to what we expect.  100% customer satisfaction that’s our commitment to you nothing less. Our goal is to create a memorable experience that exceeds your expectations. We don’t just want to see you once; our goal is to create a relationship for life!


11) Question: Do I have to bring my vehicle back to the dealer in order to maintain my factory warranty?

Answer: No! A federal law was passed called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The law was established to protect your right to have your vehicle serviced by a competent, qualified person, garage or service station and still keep your factory warranty valid, provided that you keep up-to-date and accurate records of your entire vehicle’s maintenance history.  



12) Question: Do you perform manufacturer suggested 30,000 60,000 90,000 mile services.

Answer: Yes, We perform all manufacturers’ recommend services. Here’s what you can expect when you bring your vehicle in for any K service. Before we even get started we first perform a complimentary comprehensive vehicle inspection, and the reason is,  this during the inspection it may be revealed that there may be other areas that may take a higher priority. For example a severe oil leak may be discovered, it may have dangerous steering and or suspension issues or it may have major mechanical problem. We have found by doing this it gives our customers the flexibility to redirect their funds to a much more needed service or repair.



13) Question: I’m buying a used vehicle from a friend. Is it really necessary to have vehicle inspection done? 

Answer: Absolutely! Don’t even think twice about this. A pre-buyers inspection should be done regardless of whom or where you’re buying the vehicle from. So often we find that a customer has just bought a vehicle only to find out that they are now the recipient of someone else’s deferred maintenance program. Ouch!

 A comprehensive vehicle evaluation will reveal the past present and even the short and long term future of a vehicle. The inspection tells exactly were a vehicle’s been where it is now and were its going in terms of its mechanical condition.

It will reveal sub-standard collision repairs disguised by new paint and trim. Major mechanical problems are revealed by minor repairs meant to be a temporary band aid and on and on. A few things to consider when having the inspection performed;

1) It should only be done by a reputable facility that has reputation for employing competent experienced technicians.

2)    It should only be done by an unbiased third party preferably someone that has experience in your specific make and model.


3)    It should always be done regardless of vehicle mileage.


4)    The inspection should include structure such as frame and body.


5)    Higher mileage vehicles should include engine compression test as well as a complete scan on engine data.



14)Question: I think I need brakes; can you give me a ball park figure?

Answer: Sure which ball park Yankee stadium, Bank One, Wrigley field. The fact is we would love to but we can’t, and the reason is this; we need to know exactly what’s going on first. Be it brakes or any other system there are just to many parts & components within the system that need to be inspected to ensure whatever repair needs to done will be a long lasting one. Professional service centers understand the importance of doing the job right the first time. Professional service centers will almost never quote prices over the phone because they know from experience the only way to provide an accurate estimate is to first do an inspection. The inspection will reveal not only what the problem is but also the very important root cause of failure as well as any consequential repairs that may need to be done. There are many shops that will quote prices over the phone just to get you to come in, and unfortunately once you’re there it’s almost always different from what was quoted over the phone. By inspecting the problem we are able to empower customers with all the information needed so that they can make informed decisions regarding their vehicles maintenance and or repairs.



15) Question: Do you do body work?                    

Answer: No. However we do have a great referral that has been taking care of our customers for quite some time. Just give us a call any time.