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Tire & Wheel Service

Did you that an out of balance tire can cause adverse effects to ride quality; shorten the life of your tires, wheel bearings, shocks& struts as well as other suspension & steering components. If you have a vibration that usually becomes noticeable between 45-60 mph it’s probably balance related. The other primary cause of vibrations is that the tire and wheel assembly isn't perfectly round. During the tire and wheel manufacturing process slight imperfections in the tire and wheel cause high and low spots to develop, nothing is perfectly round.            
The problem is when the high spot on the tire and the high spot on the wheel end up being matched to each other. This increases the amount of run out or in layman’s terms out of balance a tire and wheel are. As tires wear periodic inspection includes routine tire pressure checks rotate and balancing as well as wheel inspection and alignment. A competent experienced professional understands how tires & wheels are designed and how they complement the suspension and steering system functionality of today’s high tech vehicles.

Our goal is to save you time money and stress when comes to your vehicles maintenance and one way we do this is by being proactive routine tire and wheel maintenance ensures maximum tire life as well save comfortable driving.