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Engine Replacement

If there ever comes a time you’re ever faced with mechanical engine problems having someone with experience is just not enough to help you with this very stressful challenge. It takes a competent experienced person and most importantly someone with absolute attention to detail. Repairing today’s high tech engines are very expensive making a mistake or cutting corners can be very costly in every sense of the word. The key is to do it once and do it right the first time.  Experience has shown us that 90% of all internal engine failure is direct result of a lack of maintenance. What we’ve found is that just by doing simple maintenance procedures frequently pay huge dividends in long term trouble free operation. Things like changing the engine oil and filter replacing the air filter flushing the engine cooling system, routine tune-ups etc...

Our goal is to save you time money and stress by using better methods when it comes to your vehicles maintenance. We accomplish this by being proactive rather than being the traditional reactive wait till it breaks mode. As a customer we hope that you never have to experience such a catastrophic repair. In the event that you ever do, what you can expect is a competent experienced professional that has 100% attention to detail focused on repairing the heart of your vehicle. The engine.


There are many options when comes to repairing and engine, for example:

Repairing the failed part: This means exactly that however, this option is only applicable when everything else has been inspected and determined that repairing just the failed component will be a solid repair.  

Overhauling: Disassembling the engine completely and replacing and resurfacing all internal wearing parts (A.K.A. engine rebuilding

Replacing with a used unit: On the surface this may sound like the most economical choice but when you take into account all the necessary things that must be done, things like transferring accessories air conditioning, power steering components replacing seals and gaskets, belts hoses etc… When it’s all said and done sometimes this choice becomes very close to overhauling or even replacing with a rebuilt unit.      

Rebuilt unit: There are many companies that offer rebuilt engines. However finding the right one for your application that has a proven track record of reliability all at an affordable price is the challenge with this choice.

Remanufactured unit: This may be the closes choice to a brand new engine. These engines take up were the rebuilding ones left off. Rather than replacing just the wearing parts, remanufactured units typically have all moving parts replaced or machined to manufacturer’s specifications leaving just the shell of the engine block and cylinder head(s) this is the superior choice of all. However cost is what generally prohibits people from making this choice. 

We will take the time to go over all the options available so that you can make an informed decision about repairing your vehicle