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90,000 Mile Service

For many the 90,000 mile service is the most significant and probably for good reason. Most are concerned about the cost associated

with replacing the timing belt (if equipped) or on some models the engine’s first sparkplug replacement. The interesting thing about this is, what most people are concerned about (specifically the timing belt) is something that should have been replaced at the 60,000 mile mark. Here’s what most people overlook. Service intervals are designed around a specific time or mileage so in the case of the 90,000 mile service it’s designed to be 90,000 or 72 months whichever comes first. This is based on an average person driving 15,000 miles a year which is pretty close to a national average according the National highway Safety Council.




Many of the required recommendations during a typical 90k service seem repetitive and most are because certain fluids and filters must be changed periodically to ensure trouble free operation. The most significant change from earlier models was the introduction of long life iridium spark plugs. (  This now allowed for extended spark plug replacement up to hundred thousand miles on some models.

This mileage is very important mainly because experience has taught us that this is the turning point of all mileages. This is the last opportunity or another way of saying it, this is your last chance to buckle down and start looking at maintaining your vehicle very differently from the last 90,000 miles. If you plan on keeping your vehicle another 90,000 miles I can guarantee you that if maintenance has been a hit and miss up to this point what got you to the first 90 won’t get you to the second without ongoing repairs costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. What we know for sure is being proactive with maintenance pays enormous dividends in the form of confident trouble free operation extended high mileage higher resale value as well as a peace of mind.

Trace all repairs to their root cause of failure and you will find over 90% is caused by a lack of maintenance.

These are just a few of the many things that are benefited from proper car care practices. As vehicles mature components and parts will inevitably have to be repaired or replaced the purpose of being proactive with maintenance is to prolong the inevitable as long as possible. 


There are hundreds of moving parts on a vehicle that need to be inspected and checked periodically to ensure trouble-free operation. Doing just what’s required is better than doing nothing at all, but that’s not what we encourage customers to do in the long run this approach costs customers hundreds if not thousands of dollars in on going repairs



   When it comes to maintenance our goal is to save you time money and stress and we accomplish this by using better methods by being pro-active.  We don’t take the one size fits all approach to vehicle car care. We understand no two drivers are alike and because of this maintenance can’t be a one size fits all whereas performing the same service for all cars.  We offer unique individual maintenance packages designed specifically for your vehicle, driving style and conditions.


Here’s what you can expect from us when your vehicle reaches 90,000 miles. We will first perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection listing all of over findings into categories so they can be explained in detail. At this mileage it’s critical that a competent experienced professional perform this service, an experienced technician will take into account your specific driving style, conditions as well as what the vehicle is used for primarily. They have seen more failures therefore they know were potential failures start.  Our goal is to empower customers with information that allows them to make informed decisions about their vehicles maintenance.

          We know from experience by providing exclusive individual maintenance procedures specific to your vehicle is the key to long trouble free operation at the lowest operating cost possible!


To learn more about industry maintenance standards go to http/

                                                                          90,000 Mile Service  

Here’s a common 90,000 mile maintenance package again 90% of the packages that are advertised are the minimum mostly to show the lowest operating cost possible. What we’ve learned from 30 plus years are these packages just skim the surface to what’s really required, sure they’re a great place to start and that’s what we recommend. The vehicle inspection will reveal areas of concern over and above the recommended 90,000 mile service.   


Replace engine oil & filter

Replace engine air filter element

Replace sparkplugs (iridium type)

Change engine coolant anti-freeze

Replace air conditioner filter (cabin air filter)

Rotate tires

Replace differential fluid (if applicable)

Replace brake fluid

Replace timing belt

 Road test vehicle for proper operation





Inspect fuel lines & hoses

Inspect gas cap/vapor vent lines and hoses

Inspect steering linkage & dust covers

Inspect steering lines & hoses

Inspect ball joints and dust covers

Inspect brake lines and hoses

Inspect brake lining percentage

Inspect drive belt(s)

Inspect drive shaft couplers u-joints and boots

Inspect engine valve clearance