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Clutch Repairs

If you've ever driven a vehicle with a manual transmission, you know how to depress the clutch pedal, select a gear, and slowly release the clutch pedal while depressing the accelerator pedal to get the car to move. But what really happens when you depress and release the clutch? 

A simple way to understand its operation without getting to technical is this. It engages and disengages power flow from the engine to the transmission.

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Disengaging or releasing the clutch stops the power transfer and allows the engine to free wheel this allows for gear changes to happen. Engaging (depressing the clutch pedal) the clutch allows power to transfer from the engine to the transmission and drive wheels.

 There are many different styles of clutches but the basic design and components still remain the same today. The basic components: the flywheel, clutch disk, pressure plate, throw-out bearing (release bearing) pilot bearing and linkage (mechanical or hydraulic). A competent experienced professional understands how all these parts work together. Repairing or replacing a clutch should only be done by an experienced person only. Our goal is save you time money and stress by using better methods when comes to repairing your vehicle. This you can expect from us the next time your clutch is acting up.