Alternator Repairs

Today’s high output alternators are designed around a vehicles electrical system. They provide the electrical horsepower that travels through miles of wiring to and from various different sensors actuators connector’s,  switches,  solenoid valves and computers on today’s high tech vehicles.  Alternators are what keep the electrical system working properly as well as keeping the battery charged. Almost every electrical component affects alternator performance and there are some things that people wouldn’t even think about. One example; a plugged cabin air filter makes the interior fan work harder in turn making the alternator produce more current.

 A competent experienced professional understands how today’s complex charging systems operate they know how to isolate components to properly test alternator output. Our goal is save you time money and stress by using better methods when comes to repairing your vehicle. One way we do this is by constantly learning while staying current with the latest technological advancements on today’s high tech vehicles as well as tools and techniques to better serve our customers.