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Fuel Injection Service

Today’s high tech vehicle’s all come standard with electronic fuel injection these systems are precisely tuned and calibrated for each engine application.  Fuel injection systems are responsible for vehicles reaching in excess of 100,000 miles virtually trouble free. They increase fuel efficiency, lower tail pipe emissions while improving overall engine performance. However, fuel injection systems can’t do it alone they require accurate consistent feedback from a variety of different sensors. Sensors like:

*Throttle position sensor


*Mas air flow sensor


*Engine coolant temperature sensor


*Oxygen sensors


*Air fuel ratio sensors


*Manifold absolute pressure sensors


*Crankshaft position sensors


*Camshaft position sensors


*Accelerator pedal position sensor


*Knock sensors


*Fuel pressure sensor


*Oil pressure sensor


Not to mention the solenoids and actuators that are sent commands by the engine control computer that allows the engine to run properly.


*Idle speed control motor,


*Fuel pump



*Engine cooling fans   




* Ignition coils



*Air induction system



*Engine mechanical



*VVT-I actuators


These are just a few of the many components that work in unison that complete the fuel injection system.






These sensors constantly send feedback data to the computer, the data received determines how much fuel is injected by the fuel injectors as well the amount and time the spark is delivered to each cylinder. This all happens in a millisecond that’s how it’s able to react to any given driver demand translated to smooth throttle response and overall good engine performance. As one can see there is much more to a fuel injection system than just the fuel injectors. When it comes to servicing the fuel injection system it means just that “the system” everything must work together. A few examples are; a dirty out of range mass air flow sensor can cause symptoms like hesitation upon acceleration, poor fuel mileage, poor engine performance, hard starting as well as high tail pipe emissions.  An out of range temperature sensor can cause excessive fuel consumption running rough catalytic converter failure high Co Hc & Nox emissions.

These are just a few. Modern fuel injection systems are very sophisticated they constantly calibrate fuel air and spark for optimum drivability conditions even when a component is near failing. A competent experienced professional understands how modern fuel injection systems work they know how each component affects another. Servicing these systems requires close observation of each component to ensure proper fuel injection operation. Our goal is to save you time money and stress by using better methods when it comes your vehicles maintenance. Having the fuel injection system serviced anywhere between 40-60,000 miles will pay you dividends in miles per gallon engine performance lower tail pipe emissions as well as long trouble free operation.       

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