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Brake System Flush

You can't tell how bad brake fluid is by looking at it,fluid can have as mush as 6-7% moisture in just a few years.

Today more and more vehicles are coming standard equipped with ABS operated braking systems which on some models incorporate the brake master cylinder all in one. These systems are very sensitive to old corrosive contaminated brake fluid. Contaminated brake fluid contains rust & corrosion because of its natural hygroscopic nature (its natural ability to absorb & retain moisture) as well as dissolved acids formed by oxidation.


Oxidation is a result of overheated depleted fluid, moisture reduces the boiling point of the brake fluid inevitably affecting brake system performance and its components. Also learn more @ the link below




The contaminated fluid over time becomes very abrasive attacking seals, calipers wheels cylinders and master cylinders as well as internal spool valves that operate the ABS actuator. Routine flushing of the brake hydraulic system ensures trouble-free operation by removing moisture and the solid contaminants left by old depleted fluid.


Even though most owner’s manuals do not have a recommend interval for replacing brake fluid having it replaced every 2 years does help minimize any potential     brake system failure. There are a several different ways to test brake fluid; one way is with chemical test strips, strips are dipped in the fluid and change color they test for moisture content as well as copper content and some even can tell the virtual age of the fluid. Another way is with a refractometer moisture content is very visible because of the refractometers prism design. Brake fluid testers, these measure the electrical resistance of the fluid while some are designed to calculate the fluids boiling point by actually boiling small samples.                                                                                                                     


Brake fluid may be one of the most neglected fluids on a vehicle. Today’s high tech vehicles require a competent experienced person to ensure your brake system is operating the way the manufacturer intended. Brake systems today are complex with the incorporation of the abs traction control and vehicle skid control systems. The average cost of one of these is upward toward $2500-3000.00 dollars. If your vehicle is 2 years old or older this is what you can expect from us. We will inspect the brake fluids consistency during each routine maintenance to ensure proper brake system operation. 

Old brake fluid- New brake fluid