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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

It wasn't that long ago when most cars had an option for air conditioning. Now just about every car Manufactured today comes with air conditioning as a standard feature. The basic design function of today's systems hasn't changed much over the last 50 years, however that's were the similarities stop. Today's systems require a competent experienced professional that understands these complex systems.
The components on these systems are very expensive so having an inexperienced person experimenting with these complex systems can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Some systems today are electroniclly controlled with multiable computers and sensors all working together.
These systems require on board diagnostic scanners with specific software designed to communicate and read data from various components throughout the system. Because of their complexity these systems require even greater competency from the technician. They require greater accuracy when diagnosing and repairing, a simple mistake on these systems could be costly in every form of the word.   

Some systems like the ones on today's hybrids require specific training with a much greater understanding of how these systems operate. They require a competent experienced professional to diagnose troubled areas pin point root cause of failures as well as identify any potential consequential damage or troubled areas caused by failed components.


Today's systems undoubtetly are far superior from the earlier designs, however periodic system evaluation is more critical than ever before. Air conditioning repairs today on some models can climb as much as 2500,3000 and higher depending on vehicle make & model and what's wrong.     

A competent experienced professional understands how everything works together; they take the time to diagnose these systems accurately. This is what you can expect from us whenever you're experiencing any type of air conditioning issue.


Our goal is to save you time, money and stress by using better methods when comes to serving and repairing your vehicle
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