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Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission Flush Machine

Not very long ago the only way you could remove all the old fluid in an automatic transmission was either. A) Repeatedly drain and refill until the system was clean. This was somewhat ridiculous because it took countless times of draining refilling and then driving the vehicle so the old fluid could mix with the new fluid before it became clean. This process wasted a lot fluid time and money. Another way was the most obvious. B) When the transmission needed to be repaired or replaced.






These were unfortunately the only ways you could ensure the transmission had 100% good clean fluid. We know from experience that the


New fluid Old fluid

number one cause of transmission failure is old dirty depleted fluid. In fact studies have shown that ninety percent of all transmission that needed to be rebuilt or replaced is a result old dirty fluid that was left in the transmission too long consequently leading to transmission failure.

The transmission flush machine is also called a fluid exchange machine. Its primary purpose is designed to prolong transmission life by removing 100% of the old depleted fluid. The process is very similar to a fluid transfusion. Today's computer controlled automatic transmissions operate under extreme conditions. They require routine inspection of their fluid to ensure proper operation. Fluid can turn color and begin to oxidize as early as early as 30,000 miles from just normal operation. Fluid oxidation causes the fluid to overheat and turn color inevitably affecting transmission performance. Regardless of what type of fluid it has.

out with old in with the new

Flushing transmission fluid is not a one size fits all. Make and model as well as driver habits and driving conditions all play a significant part in transmission fluid life. This service done correctly removes harmful contaminates suspended in the fluid caused by normal wear and tear ensuring long trouble free operation.


Our goal is to save you time money and stress by using better methods when comes to vehicle maintenance. We use the proactive approach rather than the reactive traditional wait till breaks approach.