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Hybrid Service & Repair

Hybrid vehicle's continue to improve and with over a million prius's on the road since 2001 it seems as though every Manufacturer today has a hybrid of some kind in their model line up to offer. With technology changing so fast the early hybrids are somewhat elementary compared to today's models. Hybrids come in many different designs, for example: Series Hybrid Systems, Parallel Hybrid Systems, Series/Parallel Hybrid Systems. Then you have electric hybrid systems or plug and play systems. To fuel cell hybrids which use a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.  

High-pressure Hydrogen Tank

A 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank developed by Toyota is installed in the TOYOTA FCHV-adv. The latest 70 MPa tank features a polyamide resin liner in the inner most layer of the tank due to its high strength and excellent hydrogen permeation prevention performance. Increased tank capacity and reduced weight have been achieved by using optimum materials, improving design and production methods, and minimizing wall thickness by optimizing the winding angle, tension and volume of the carbon fiber. This has contributed to significant improvement in cruising range


(Courtesy Toyota Motor Company.)

Our goal is to save you time money and stress when comes to diagnosing and repairing your vehicle. One way we accomplish this is by constantly learning and developing new and better ways to diagnose and repair your vehicle at the best and most cost efficient way possible. As hybrid vehicle's continue to advance ongoing training and education are a must! Diagnosing and repairing today's hybrids should only be left in the hands of a competent well trained professional that understands how these systems work. Our commitment to ongoing education and training ensures you the confidence that your vehciel is left in the hands of a well trained experienced professional.