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Starting & Charging Systems

Diagnosing today’s complex electrical systems require a competent skilled professional. Today’s high tech vehicles have miles of electrical wiring leading to various electrical components throughout the vehicle which all depend on constant current flow from the alternator to keep these systems functioning properly. Before the alternator can work the engine must be running that means the starter must be able to turn the engine over so it can drive the alternator so it can produce the electrical horsepower required to run all of the different electrical components.


One must be competent and well trained when diagnosing today’s starting systems, with the incorporation of chip
keys, smart keys as well as keyless entry systems and factory alarm systems. All these systems make the starting system very complex to diagnose. Diagnosing these systems should be left to the experienced professional only.



Today’s high output alternators are designed around a vehicles electrical system. They provide the electrical horsepower required that runs travels through miles of wiring to and from various different sensors actuators connector’s switches solenoids valves and computers on today’s high tech vehicles.  Alternators are what keep the electrical system working properly as well as keeping the battery charged. Almost every electrical component affects alternator performance.

Our goal is save you time money and stress when comes to diagnosing and repairing your vehicle. One way we accomplish this is by constantly learning and developing new and better ways to diagnose and repair your vehicle the best and most cost efficient way possible.