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Transmission Repairs

Transmission repairs are very complex and maybe the most complicated component on a vehicle today. They require a competent experienced person to diagnose and repair today’s computer 

controlled automatic transmissions. They require someone that can isolate the electronic portion of the transmission from the mechanical portion. Today’s high tech automatic transmissions depend on computer input to control their operation.

A missed diagnosis can be extremely expensive costing consumers thousands of dollars. An example; hybrids may appear to operate like just another transmission but they are worlds apart in comparison. There internal function is very unique and operates nothing like any other vehicle.


Some late model designed transmissions are equipped with a constant variable transmission (CVT)

This design allows for an infinite number of gear ratio’s rather than a fixed set of gears (i.e.: 3spd 4spd etc...) which translates into better fuel economy and engine performance. This design is becoming wide spread throughout manufacturers. Whether it’s a sophisticated hybrid c.v.t. or a computer controlled transmission being knowledgeable and experienced is only half what’s required to diagnose and repair these late model units.

Having the right testing equipment specials tools and instruments is the difference between doing the repair right the first time. Our goal is to save you time money and stress by using better methods.  An experienced professional will be able to isolate the root cause of failure among the hundreds of parts within a transmission .

Experienced professionasl understand how all the systems work,  They will  be able to identify any potential problem area’s that may affect overall transmission operation. This you can expect from us if you are ever experiencing a transmission problem.

We do offer repairs for standard 4, 5 and 6 speed transmissions. The same attention to detail that goes into diagnosing and repairing today’s high tech automatics is what you can expect if you ever experience a problem with your standard transmission.