Toyowest Automotive


120,000 Mile Service

By now most vehicle owners are committed to keeping their vehicle as

long as it continues to provide trouble free operation. These owners understand that getting to this mileage was no accident. It’s a combination of being consistently diligent with their vehicles maintenance and having a competent experienced professional help them along the way.

As vehicles mature it’s critical that an experienced competent professional inspect all areas periodically. Owners that have in excess of 200 or even 300 thousand miles understand that this has been the key to high mileage success. Experience has shown as mileage increases parts will inevitably wear out. The goal is to hedge off these parts from failing by being proactive with maintenance. It’s also to prevent consequential damage that happens as result of not repairing something that was failing early on.

When it comes to maintenance our goal is to save you time money and stress and we accomplish this by using better methods by being pro-active.  We don’t take the one size fits all approach to vehicle car care. We understand no two drivers are alike and because of this maintenance can’t be a one size fits all whereas performing the same service for all cars.  We offer unique individual maintenance packages designed specifically for your vehicle, driving style and conditions.

Here’s what you can expect from us when your vehicle reaches 120,000 miles. We will first perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection listing all of over findings into categories so they can be explained in detail. At this mileage and above it’s critical that a competent experienced professional perform this service, an experienced technician will take into account your specific driving style, conditions as well as what the vehicle is used for primarily. They have seen more failures therefore they know were potential failures start.  Our goal is to empower customers with information that allows them to make informed decisions about their vehicles maintenance.


 We know from experience by providing exclusive individual maintenance procedures specific to your vehicle is the key to long trouble free operation at the lowest operating cost possible!