Toyowest Automotive


Scion Maintenance and Repair

We offer full service and repair for all Scion models. There is no job to big or small, we are committed to providing the highest levels of service & repair available. We do this by using better methods when it comes to maintaining your Scion. We take the pro-active approach rather than being re-active and waiting for expensive repairs and breakdowns to occur. Our goal is to prevent problems by identifying potential problem area’s early before they become expensive repairs and breakdowns.

Our standards are very high, the constant training, education and resources that are available exclusively for us allow us to operate at such high standards. Our ongoing commitment to education & training and having the latest in specialized tools & equipment is what we feel sets us apart from the competition. Our facility is equipped to handle just about any service and repair that we may encounter.

Our extensive library of print manuals combined with our exclusive access to Toyota’s online tech-stream information center allows us the same information the Toyota & Scion dealers have. Which now levels the playing field when servicing and repairing today’s high tech Scion’s.

What you can expect is expert high quality service and repair all at a reasonable price. We don’t just want to see you once; our goal is to create a relationship for life. We offer unique individual service by providing exclusive custom maintenance packages that are specific to your model and your particular driving habits and conditions. 


We do not take the one size fits all approach to vehicle car care. We understand no two drivers are alike and because of this maintenance can’t be a one size fits all. We offer unique individual maintenance packages designed specifically for your vehicle driving style and conditions. We provide one-one consultations explaining in detail the recommended maintenance required for your vehicle.


We achieve all of this based on your specific driving habits and conditions, model experience and industry standards. We keep computerized records for your convenience as well digital photos if needed of all your vehicles history. We know from experience by providing exclusive individual maintenance procedures specific to your vehicle is the key to long trouble free operation at the lowest operating cost possible.