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ABS Diagnosis & Repair

The theory behind anti-lock brakes is simple. By keeping the wheels from skidding while you slam on the brakes, anti-lock brake system benefits you in two ways: First believe it or not but you’ll stop faster. Second you’ll be in control because you’ll be able to steer as you come to a complete stop. Many vehicles today come standard with abs and most people that have abs equipped vehicles have never experienced an abs system operation those that have recall the rapid brake pulsations.

Abs systems are very complex because they work in unison with the vehicles braking system. All abs systems are computer controlled with various sensors actuators pumps controllers and valves that all make the system complete. If ever the abs light comes on while driving it’s because the system has sensed malfunction. These systems require strict testing of each component to ensure proper diagnoses some systems even incorporate the brake master cylinder with the abs pump. These systems should only be diagnosed and repaired by a competent trained professional only while most of today’s systems require the use of an on board scanner for diagnosing and repairing.

Our goal is save you time money and stress by using better methods when it comes to diagnosing and repairing your vehicle. One way we accomplish this is by constantly learning new and better ways to service and repair your vehicle.

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