Toyowest Automotive


Routine Maintenance

People often ask what types of repairs we specialize in. The answer we give at first seems confusing for many but after we explain it becomes very clear. Our specialty is maintenance, which far exceeds the routine oil change interval.  Our goal is to save you time money and stress when comes to maintaining your vehicle, and one of the ways we do this is by being proactive. Simply put the same reason we’ve all been conditioned to change the engine oil and filter every 3-5 thousand miles is the same approach we take to every working moving part on a vehicle. We know from experience that 90% of all failures are a direct result of a lack of maintenance.  The traditional reactive waiting for something to break or fail mode was once very common in this industry. This is approach is no longer acceptable; waiting too long to have repairs done can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. 

Our goal is to educate consumers on the complete care and maintenance of their complex motor vehicle; we do this by using better methods by being proactive with your vehicles maintenance. This allows us to identify potential problem areas early hedging off potential expensive unnecessary repairs.  



Proper routine maintenance helps keep your vehicle safe and reliable, helps to extend the life of your vehicle as well as ensuring confident trouble free operation in addition to increasing resale value and pride of ownership. Most importantly routine maintenance helps identify potential problems before they become real problems. Some models have specific requirements ask us about them when you come in. We perform all routine maintenance necessary to keep your vehicle operating like it was intended by the manufacturer.