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Shock Service & Repair

  Most people are unaware that as little as 50,000 miles shocks and struts have degraded as much as 50% of their life affecting braking and overall stopping distbottoming out while driving over dips pot holes etc… ance. An example; as shocks and struts wear they lose their ability to control weight transfer during braking causing the vehicle to take longer distance to stop. Another example would be excessive body roll during cornering and steering causing driver to over steer or under steer trying to compensate for the struts and shocks inability to control  body roll. The most obvious is rough ride or

            More importantly is what worn struts and shocks affect, most believe their only purpose is provide ride comfort, contrary to believe struts and shocks are designed to work together with suspension and steering components keeping the tires firmly planted to the pavement as the vehicle travels over different road surfaces. As struts and shocks slowly degrade the subtle changes are hardly noticed by drivers, most will compensate for the minor changes by allowing for more effort to steer and maneuver or slowing down more when taking turns as well as allow them for more distance to stop. These minor changes over time make it very easy for drivers to adapt and adjust their driving habits to.  

As struts and shocks wear the suspension, steering and brake system components work harder, the added stress applied to the systems leads to premature failure of expensive steering, brake & suspension components.  A few examples would be front brakes have to be replaced more frequently because weight transfer not controlled during braking. Another example would be ball joint(s) prematurely failing as result of absorbing all the impact from the tire making contact with the pavement.


These are just a few examples,  having the struts and shocks inspected periodically by a competent experienced professional is critical to the performance and overall function of the steering suspension and brake system. Our goal is to save you time money and stress by using better methods when comes to your vehicle’s maintenance. We do this by being proactive we understand how all these systems work together to provide a safe fun reliable vehicle to drive.        


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