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Power Steering Repairs

When it comes to repairing today’s high tech power steering systems it requires a competent experienced professional. Systems today are very complex and components are very expensive to have an amateur experiment with these repairs. Some systems today are coming with electronic computer controlled units which translates to less working parts.



These systems don’t use a traditional power steering pump or the need for high and low pressure lines. This type of system with less moving parts requires 

greater competency on the part of the technician. They require greater accuracy when diagnosing and repairing, a simple mistake on these systems could be costly in every form of the word.  


These types of systems are becoming standard on a lot of different models today but most car manufacturers are still using the traditional design from some 50 plus years ago. The design is where the similarities end. These systems operate at higher speeds as well as higher pressures while some are computer and electronically assisted. 



They require a competent experienced professional to diagnosis troubled areas pin point root cause of failures as well identify any potential consequential damage caused by failed components. Power steering repairs today can climb upward toward 1500-3000.00 dollars depending on what’s wrong vehicle make and model. A competent experienced professional understands how everything works together; they take the time to diagnose these systems accurately. This is what you can expect from us whenever you’re experiencing any power steering issues. Our goal is to save you money time and stress by using better methods when it comes to repairing your vehicle.