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Buyer's Inspection

What to consider when looking at purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.



Whatever vehicle you’re considering buying a pre-buyers inspection is a must. Do not take for granted because the mileage is low or it’s a friend of a friends vehicle, having a comprehensive vehicle evaluation performed will reveal the vehicle's present state saving you a lot of time money and stress!


Most of us love the idea of picking out a vehicle and for most; we tend to make our decision based on the way it looks and for good reason. If it’s a color we like and the paint is clean and shiny we often have blinders on to the rest of the vehicle's condition only to have things revealed after we've made the decision to buy it.

No matter what the mileage is or were you are looking to buy whether it’s a dealer or a private party. An unbiased comprehensive inspection done by an experienced competent technician will reveal any vehicle's present condition. Vehicle's that have been in a severe collision that had substandard repairs done can be disguised by minor body work new paint and trim. An experienced competent technician will be able to identify these hidden conditions where a lay person or even an inexperienced technician would overlook. Major mechanical issues can be disguised with minor repairs designed to be only a temporary fix until the real problem resurfaces.

These vehicle inspections also reveal how well a vehicle's maintenance history has been kept. This may be the most over looked part. A competent technician will look for oil and sludge varnish build up on the engine's dip stick and sludge formation on the oil filler cap both are indicators of oil change intervals well beyond the 3,000 mile mark. Quick inspection of the radiator coolant level and over-flow bottle can reveal contamination erosion and acidic build up around radiator neck and core. If revealed during inspection this can mean a cooling system nightmare, such things as internal coolant loss possibly due to electrolysis eating away metal internally on vital engine components like cylinder heads, engine block surfaces water pumps etc...Very similar to rust erosion seen on eastern vehicles were salt is used on the roadways in the winter months.

Checking the transmission fluid as well as the power steering fluid and brake hydraulic system. Burnt contaminated fluid over time makes these systems work harder and pushes them beyond their normal operating temperature and sets the stage for early failure on these systems. Inspecting suspension components like struts shocks bushings ball joints, all these are critical for driving safely on the roadways like stopping corning accelerating and the overall function and longevity of all steering suspension and braking system. A new set of tires can disguise alignment and suspension problems until tire wear presents itself. Inspecting for fluid leaks may reveal an expensive repair right around the corner. Pre-owned vehicles are sold "as is" so once you lay out your hard earned money there's no going back. Next time you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle make an appointment to have this valuable service done. The information that you will get from a vehicle inspection is priceless compared to what its monetary value is.

The information that you get from a buyers inspection is priceless! Compared to it's monetary value.