Toyowest Automotive


Minor Maintenance

We’ve designed a minor maintenance specifically to ensure customers maximize each and every routine visit. During every minor maintenance service we will perform a complete vehicle inspection regardless of mileage and if there are any concerns we’ll record our findings.
We’ll then compile a list and break it down into categories. Safety, Steering, Suspension, Drivability etc... Once the categories have been established we list service and repairs in order of importance. Critical, now, dangerous, a.s.a.p., near future, etc.... We will then present them to you in person with a one –one consultation if available. If you’re not available we’ll contact you via a phone consultation. We can also Email, fax and provide you with digital photos if needed. We do this so that customers have a complete understanding of their vehicles health. *** If your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty we will advise you of any repairs still covered***     
Our goal is save you money time and stress by using better methods. We accomplish this by being pro-active with vehicle maintenance rather than the traditional re-active mindset of waiting for something to break and repair mode.  

   We do not take the one size fits all approach to vehicle car care. We understand no two drivers are alike and because of this maintenance can’t be a one size fits all. We offer unique individual maintenance packages designed specifically for your vehicle driving style and conditions. We know from experience by providing exclusive individual maintenance procedures specific to your vehicle is the key to long trouble free operation at the lowest operating cost possible.

 ***    Minor Maintenance Service***

*Perform Vehicle safety inspection

*Check all lighting equipment

*Check brakes record estimate on brake % remaining

*Check drive belt(s) & hoses advise on condition

*Check for any possible fluid leakage

*Check tires for wear/check steering & suspension components

*Inspect condition of select fluid levels

*Change engine oil & filter/replace oil pan drain plug gasket (where applicable)

*Rotate tires as needed & where applicable